Why Pennywise

We know financial education is inevitable. We also know that it can get intimidating and often boring to learn or teach the super jargonized concepts. Here is where PennyWise comes into picture.

This is our secret recipe: Bring out a platter of financial and economic concepts, Sprinkle a dash of real life examples, let it marinate with insights and opinions, Toss in a generous helping of fun games, chop off all the lecturing and finally drizzle with a lot of interaction and counselling.

Voila! We bring to you a more rational, enthusiastic, confident and responsible person, ready to face the future.

What Parents think about Pennywise


Pennywise is the best introductory finance course. All kids must take the PennyWise session.

Daksha Bohora, Homemaker, Nashik


Pragya (11 Yrs) really got some insights on money and how money works. In fact when kids were asked a question about compounding, she was the only one who answered, Wonderful Job.

Pooja Goenka, Business woman, Bangalore


Pennywise’s workshop for children has proved to be effective solution for us in this context, the session were well structured easy to understand and delivered brilliantly by Namrata

Deepti Shah, Marketing Professional, Dubai

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