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Play way Method Financial literacy program for kids

Play way Method Financial literacy program for kids

Pennywise Programs are designed to provide financial education to kids in order to empower them with skills and correct value systems so that they grow up to have a healthy relationship with their finances. Our Programs are highly interactive with practical examples and tools that will help them avoid financial pitfalls once they have access to money.

Playway . Interactive .  Personal Attention . Online / Offline Setup

Pennywise Junior

PennyWise Junior is the beginner’s module
(Eligibility 6-10 Years Old)

Duration : 4 Hours.

  • Evolution of Money
  • Needs VS Wants
  • Introduction to Banking
  • Budgeting

Pennywise Intensive

PennyWise Intensive is the intermediary module
(Eligibility 11-15 Years Old)

Duration : 12 Hours.

  • Concepts of Money
  • Financial Responsibility and Decision Making
  • Savings
  • Debt
  • Introduction to Banking System
  • Investment
  • Inflation
  • Introduction to the Stock Market
  • Budgeting

Pennywise Pro

PennyWise PRO can be taken by kids who have already done the Intensive module.

Duration : 8 Hours.

  • Goal Setting
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Investment Analysis
  • Understanding the Stock Market


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